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Seth Peter
November 2nd, 2009

Vulnerability Scanning with Multiple Products

Should you rely on just one solution to identify all of your vulnerabilities? Most of us rely upon just one anti-virus scanner, right? Every vulnerability scanner claims to be better than its competitors, but how could this be? Where is the Consumer Reports on this subject? I think there is a mix of reasons why […]

Lee Buttke
November 2nd, 2009

European PCI Community Meeting: Some Impressions

The trip back to the U.S. from the European PCI Community Meeting in Prague took about 12 hours. For someone who lives and breathes PCI, that equals one hour for each of the 12 requirements of the Data Security Standard (DSS). Here are my impressions of the conference. First, the PCI Security Standards Council did […]

Deke George
October 22nd, 2009

Where the CISO Reports

Since the role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and how he or she reports has a major impact on security and risk, I think it’s interesting to look at how different organizations have structured the position. With that said, there is very little consistency other than a correlation with the industry vertical’s understanding […]

Alex Crittenden
October 22nd, 2009

Healthcare Solutions and PA-DSS Compliance (with a Deadline in July)

  In a post that I wrote earlier, “The Far-Reaching Impact of the PCI DSS,” I mentioned the influence of the PCI DSS on industries other than retail and hospitality. I’d like to expand on that topic by taking a look at healthcare software and the Payment Application Data Security Standard(or PA-DSS, a standard within the […]

Alex Crittenden
October 21st, 2009

Beyond the PCI Audit: Helping Merchants and Service Providers as a Partner

At the PCI Community Meeting last month in Las Vegas, one thing was abundantly clear – merchants and service providers need help. The confusion that comes with a complicated, comprehensive security standard, coupled with governance that shifts back and forth between the PCI-SSC and the card brands, has created a situation that requires that a […]

October 20th, 2009

Botnet Detection and Dynamic DNS

The Internet is a vast and unforgiving wilderness; every day, some new monstrous beast rears its ugly head and threatens the hapless denizens of networks everywhere. The only thing standing between those Internet citizens and complete ownage is the security industry. This means that we have to adapt to the newest and biggest threats on […]

Dan Gardner
October 16th, 2009

Preventing SQL Injection at the Database

SQL injection vulnerabilities are common out in the real world. We spend a lot of time and effort looking for SQL injection vulnerabilities in application code, a good and necessary practice. Application security, however, must be considered at every layer of the system. In fact, by using a good database and data access layer design, […]

Seth Peter
October 5th, 2009

Are We Ready for a Security Software Assurance Program?

Integrating security checks and balances with your application development processes is certainly uncharted territory for many security professionals. Why is this so? With the multitude of benefits that custom developed applications bring to an organization, there is also a multitude of risks, namely that sensitive, regulated, and confidential data is being stored, processed, transmitted, and […]

Scott Sutherland
October 5th, 2009

Windows Privilege Escalation Part 1: Local Administrator Privileges

The process of stealing another Windows user’s identity may seem like black magic to some people, but in reality any user who understands how Windows works can pull it off. This is the first of two blog entries giving an overview of privilege escalation techniques that prove that fact. Part 1 (this entry) discusses obtaining […]