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Windows Tools in BackTrack

Scott Sutherland
July 21st, 2010

For those of you who aren’t in the loop, BackTrack is a Live Linux distribution that ships with a large number of open source tools that can be used to assess the security of networks, systems, and applications. At this point, most IT professionals and 14 year old computer geeks are at least generally familiar with it. Despite BackTrack’s popularity, I find that very few people are aware that it actually comes with quite a few Windows tools. Most of them are pretty handy and can be easily executed using Wine.

Tools have been included for password cracking, tunneling, remote management and a number of other tasks. Some of the tools that you may already be familiar with include fgdump.exe, psexec.exe, plink.exe, and hijetter. It’s nice to have a few common tools out of the box, but for more ambitious users I definitely recommend installing your favorite Windows tools if they aren’t included.

Below is a quick example of how the Windows tool fgdump.exe can be executed with Wine in BackTrack4:
wine /pentest/windows-binaries/passwd-attack/fgdump.exe -h -u user -p password

If for some reason you don’t already have a copy of Backtrack, go to www.backtrack-linux.or and download it. The creators of the distribution have made an ISO and VMware image available on their site that can be downloaded via FTP or torrent. And it is FREE so you have no excuse.

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