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Alex Poorman

Alex has a BS in Security & Risk Analysis with an emphasis in cybersecurity from the Pennsylvania State University. He specializes in external network, web application, and cloud penetration tests. He also contributes to the research and development of tools used by the NetSPI penetration testing team. Alex currently holds an OSCP certification.

Alex Poorman
October 29th, 2020

NetblockTool: The Easy Way to Find IP Addresses Owned by a Company

TL;DR Use NetblockTool to easily dump a unique list of IP addresses belonging to a company and its subsidiaries. Download the tool here: The Problem A problem that I was frequently running into for both offensive and defensive roles is determining the IP addresses that a company owns and uses. Traditionally, gathering a list […]

Alex Poorman
September 24th, 2020

AutoDirbuster – Automatically Run and Save DirBuster Scans for Multiple IPs

If you’ve used OWASP’s DirBuster, you know it’s a great directory buster. Its speed and reliability make it one of the best directory busters currently available. However, it has one big limitation: it can only scan one target at a time. This is fine if you’re only attacking one target, but if you are attacking […]