A Beginners Guide to Gathering Azure Passwords

Karl Fosaaen
October 22nd, 2020

A Beginners Guide to Gathering Azure Passwords

It has been a while since the initial release (August 2018) of the Get-AzurePasswords module within MicroBurst, so I figured it was time to do an overview post that explains how to use each option within the tool. Since each targeted service in the script has a different way of getting credentials, I want users […]

Karl Fosaaen
August 17th, 2020

Lateral Movement in Azure App Services

We test a lot of web applications at NetSPI, and as everyone continues to move their operations into the cloud, we’re running into more instances of applications being run on Azure App Services. Whenever we run into an App Services application with a serious vulnerability, I’ll frequently get a ping asking about next steps to […]

Karl Fosaaen
July 29th, 2020

Get-AzPasswords: Encrypting Automation Password Data

Get-AzPasswords is a function within the MicroBurst toolkit that’s used to get passwords from Azure subscriptions using the Az PowerShell modules. As part of this, the function supports gathering passwords and certificates that are attached to automation accounts. These credentials can be stored in a few different ways: Credentials – Username/Password combinations Connections – Service […]

Karl Fosaaen
July 16th, 2020

Azure File Shares for Pentesters

For many years, pentester-hosted SMB shares have been a common technology to use during internal penetration tests for getting tools over to, and data off of, target systems. The process is simple: share a folder from your testing system, execute a “net use z: \\testingbox\tools” from your target, and run your tools from the share. […]

Karl Fosaaen
June 25th, 2020

Bypassing External Mail Forwarding Restrictions with Power Automate

During a recent Office 365 assessment, we ran into an interesting situation where Exchange was configured to disallow any external domain forwarding rules. This configuration is intended to prevent attackers from compromising an account and setting up forwarding for remote mail access and persistence. Part of this assessment was to validate that these configurations were […]

Karl Fosaaen
May 12th, 2020

Attacking Azure Container Registries with Compromised Credentials

Azure Container Registries are Microsoft’s solution for managing Docker images in the cloud. The service allows for authentication with AzureAD credentials, or an “Admin user” that shares its name with the registry. For the purposes of this blog, let’s assume that you’ve compromised some Admin user credentials for an Azure Container Registry (ACR). These credentials […]

Karl Fosaaen
April 16th, 2020

Gathering Bearer Tokens from Azure Services

In the previous Azure Managed Identities blog, we covered some simple proof of concept examples for using Azure Virtual Machine Managed Identities to escalate privileges in an Azure subscription. The example code relied on Azure OAuth bearer tokens that were generated from authenticating to the Azure metadata service. Since posting that blog, we’ve found a […]

Jake Karnes
March 30th, 2020

Decrypting Azure VM Extension Settings with Get-AzureVMExtensionSettings

TL;DR If you’re a local admin on an Azure VM, run the Get-AzureVMExtensionSettings script from MicroBurst to decrypt VM extension settings and potentially view sensitive parameters, storage account keys and local Administrator username and password. Overview The Azure infrastructure needs a mechanism to communicate with and control virtual machines. All Azure Marketplace images have the […]

Ian Williams
March 18th, 2020

Gaining AWS Console Access via API Keys

For adversarial scenarios, AWS console access is better than the APIs. We’ll walk you through our research process here, and release a new tool we’ve built! When there’s a will… We’re frequently asked by clients to test applications, networks and/or infrastructure hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). As a part of these assessments, we’ll oftentimes […]